Afternoon Tea Week Ideas | How To Celebrate

Honouring the Timeless Tradition of Afternoon Tea

Prosecco afternoon tea at Gorse Hill in Surrey

What is afternoon tea week?

National Afternoon Tea Week is a popular celebration that takes place annually in the United Kingdom.

It's a chance to appreciate the exquisite flavours of delicate sandwiches, freshly baked scones and an assortment of delectable sweet and savoury treats.

Served with a steaming pot of tea, this quintessentially British ritual has become a cherished part of the routine.

Whether you're a tea enthusiast or simply curious to explore a popular British tradition, read on for great Afternoon Tea Week ideas.

Afternoon Tea Party Ideas 

Dine Out & Relax

During Afternoon Tea Week dining out becomes an even more enticing prospect as many venues offer exclusive discounts and special offers.

Indulge in the pleasures of afternoon tea at renowned venues like Gorse Hill in Surrey, Easthampstead Park in Berkshire and Villiers Hotel in Buckinghamshire where the art of tea is elevated to new heights.

From elegant tea rooms to charming dining spaces each venue showcases its own unique style and interpretation of afternoon tea.

Afternoon Tea Ideas at Home

If you find yourself pondering the perfect way to host an unforgettable afternoon tea party at home during Afternoon Tea Week, look no further.

We have compiled a list of essential tips to ensure your gathering is a success.

Perfect Location

Whether you're having an afternoon tea for two or throwing a big party with all your friends, the first thing to do is find the perfect place to host it.

You can choose to host it in the cosy comfort of your home or amidst the picturesque backdrop of a blooming garden.

ladies having afternoon tea at gorse hill surrey

Delightful Delicacies

In the delightful world of afternoon tea there are plenty of delicious sweet and savoury treats to enjoy.

Make sure to include a variety of sandwiches with tasty fillings like cucumber and cream cheese or savoury smoked salmon.

Don't forget about the scrumptious cakes and pastries too!

Let your imagination run wild and include treats like Victoria sponge, chocolate brownies, and fruit tarts to satisfy your cravings.

The options are endless so feel free to choose whatever tempts your taste buds the most.

And of course, no afternoon tea is complete without scones.

These warm, crumbly goodies are best enjoyed with clotted cream and a dollop of fruity jam.

When you're preparing your afternoon tea make sure to include these delightful delicacies.

Each bite will be a true delight, adding a touch of culinary magic to your gathering.

Brew Bliss

Selecting the perfect tea is an essential part of your afternoon tea experience.

Whether you prefer traditional black tea or aromatic herbal infusions, let the fragrant steam fill the air as you indulge in each rejuvenating sip.

Consider timeless classics like Earl Grey or English Breakfast, or venture into the realm of loose teas for a truly unique experience.

Just remember, if you opt for loose tea, don't forget the trusty strainer to ensure a smooth and enjoyable sip every time.

Elegant Table Setting

Bring out your finest teacups, tablecloth, plates, shiny silverware, and napkins to add a touch of sophistication.

And if you happen to have a three-tier stand it's the perfect opportunity to showcase your delightful delicacies in a traditional afternoon tea manner. 

Another great way to enhance the visual appeal is including a centrepiece such as a bouquet of fresh flowers to add a vibrant element to your table.

These little details will help create a memorable setting for you and your guests to enjoy.

afternoon tea

Great Company

Invite friends, family, or loved ones to share in the delight of Afternoon Tea Week.

However, before the gathering it's important to be aware of any dietary requirements your guests may have.

Some individuals may have specific dietary restrictions or preferences, such as gluten-free, vegan, or allergies to certain ingredients.

By being considerate and proactive, you can ensure that everyone can fully enjoy the afternoon tea experience.

Create cherished memories as you engage in heartfelt conversations, laughter, and appreciation for the finer things in life.

After all, tea tastes even better when enjoyed in good company.

Exquisite Extras

Consider adding a selection of jams or garnishes like strawberries for an additional burst of flavour.

Or why not include a glass of bubbly?

A glass of champagne or prosecco can add a touch of elegance to your afternoon affair, elevating the experience to new heights of luxury and celebration.

When is Afternoon Tea Week 2023?

Mark your calendars for one of the most anticipated events in the culinary calendar – Afternoon Tea Week 2023!

Running from the 7th to the 13th of August, this celebration is the perfect opportunity to indulge in a selection of delicious treats while enjoying the company of loved ones.

afternoon tea cakes and scones at gorse hill in surrey

Who Celebrates Afternoon Tea Week?

During Afternoon Tea Week people in the United Kingdom come together to honour and enjoy the timeless tradition of afternoon tea.

It was created to preserve a beloved British tradition that has been delighting people for since the 1840s.

During this week-long celebration, many hotels and restaurants across the country offer delectable afternoon tea options to customers.

Whether you're a local or visiting the UK, indulging in afternoon tea during this special week is an experience not to be missed.

What is the History of Afternoon Tea?

The origins of Afternoon Tea can be traced back to the 1840s when Anna the 7th Duchess of Bedford who was a close friend of Queen Victoria, complained of "having that sinking feeling" during the late afternoon.

She would eat a light bite before dinner which eventually led to the development of the afternoon tea custom.

This became popular amongst women from the upper classes who would often dress in formal attire including long gowns, gloves, and hats to attend afternoon tea.

Rich families would showcase their extreme wealth by having their portraits painted with fine China and exquisite teas.

People wanted to imitate their lords and ladies which eventually led to the widespread popularity of the afternoon tea tradition.

As it evolved it became less about small bites and more about indulging in large quantities of food.

gorse hill surrey

Afternoon Tea Week in Surrey | Gorse Hill

If you're looking for the perfect place to indulge in a delightful afternoon tea during Afternoon Tea Week, Gorse Hill in Woking is the place to be.

Our grand Edwardian mansion house and gardens provides a stunning backdrop for an afternoon of relaxation and indulgence.

We offer an array of options which include traditional afternoon tea, vegan afternoon tea and children’s afternoon tea as standard.

Book your table with us and indulge in a truly memorable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Afternoon Tea Week

Q: What are the 3 main foods served at an afternoon tea?
A: An afternoon tea typically consists of three main foods: sandwiches, cakes, and scones with clotted cream and jam. These delicious treats are accompanied by a selection of fine teas to complete the experience.

Q: What is the best time for an afternoon tea party?
A: An afternoon tea party is typically held during the daytime. Traditionally, it takes place in the late afternoon, but the specific timing can vary based on personal preference.

Q: What is the dress code for afternoon tea?
A: The dress code for afternoon tea is generally smart casual nowadays. However, it may vary depending on whether you are dining out at a venue or hosting the occasion at home.