Why Do Brides Throw Their Bouquets? All You Need To Know!

Unveiling the Rich History of a Popular Wedding Tradition

Bride throwing her bouquet

The bouquet throw is a popular wedding tradition that has existed for hundreds of years and has evolved over time. 

The essence of this tradition involves the bride throwing her bouquet over her shoulder into a group of single women. The belief is that whoever catches the bouquet will be the next to walk down the aisle.

Typically, the bouquet toss happens towards the end of the wedding reception and it can be quite competitive. Women gather eagerly hoping to catch the bouquet and secure their place as the next bride.

While the tradition may have started as a symbol of good luck, it has now become a fun and light-hearted tradition that adds to the festivities of the day.

So why do brides throw their bouquets? Join us in this article as we delve into the fascinating reasons behind this wedding tradition and we hope you enjoy reading about it!

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The History of the Brides Bouquet Throw at Weddings

The bouquet thow tradition as we know it today originated in England during the 1800s. However, its roots can be traced back even further.

Back in the day it was considered lucky for girls to touch the bride on her wedding day, as they hoped to gain some of her good fortune and increase their chances of getting married.

According to legend some single women at weddings would go to extreme lengths to obtain a keepsake from the bride's wedding dress, and as the bride walked by they would try to grab a piece of her dress. To escape the frenzy the bride would sometimes throw her bouquet and make a run for it. 

In the past marriage was often a woman's only path to getting out of poverty and some single women were quite literally desperate to marry a man who could provide for them and their family.

As society has progressed marriage has become more of a choice for women as they have more opportunities for education and career development, so they don't necessarily need luck.

What is the Wedding Bouquet Rule? 

During this custom the bride throws her bouquet behind her aiming for a group of single women. The belief is that the lucky lady who catches the bouquet will be the next one to get married.

When Do Brides Typically Throw Their Bouquets?

There isn't a set time for the bouquet toss but it usually takes place towards the end of the wedding reception. Typically, it happens after the toasts, dinner, and dances have finished.

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Do Brides Still Throw the Bouquet?

The bouquet throw has remained a beloved part of weddings evolving into a playful and fun way for the bride to involve her single friends in the celebration and add some friendly competition to the celebrations.

Does the Bride Have to Throw Her Bouquet?

The tradition of tossing the bouquet is entirely up to the bride and there is no rule or requirement to do so. It's a personal decision and the bride may choose to skip this tradition or put her unique spin on it. 

Whether the bouquet toss is included or not the wedding day remains a celebration of love and commitment.

What Does a Bride do with her Bouquet After the Ceremony?

After the wedding ceremony the bride faces a decision regarding her bouquet. She can either keep the flowers as a memento or give them away. 

A common tradition is for the bride to throw the bouquet to a group of single ladies. Alternatively, she can choose to give the bouquet to her maid of honour or wedding planner as a keepsake. 

Another option is for the bride to keep the flowers for herself allowing her to enjoy them and explore methods of preservation.

How much do most brides spend on flowers?

When it comes to creating a stunning ambiance for your special day your wedding florist plays a crucial role by providing exquisite floral arrangements. However, the amount most brides spend on flowers can vary depending on their unique style and specific requirements.

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