Bridesmaid Duties [EXPLAINED]

Everything You Need To Know As A Bridesmaid

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Being a bridesmaid is a true honour and an opportunity to create lasting memories with your closest friend as they embark on their journey to marriage.

But what exactly are the essential bridesmaid duties? 

Whether the bride hands you a traditional list of bridesmaid duties or opts for something unique, there are certain bridesmaid jobs you absolutely need to know about.

From helping plan the wedding party to responsibilities on the big day, we're here to guide you on the role of a bridesmaid. 

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13 Bridesmaid Duties You Need To Know

Not all bridesmaid responsibilities involve glamour and it's important to remember that bridesmaids aren't literal maids, they're around to help out the bride and groom.

Keeping this in mind it's advisable to familiarise yourself with all the essential bridesmaid duties that you shouldn't overlook. 

So we've complied a list of responsibilities bridesmaids are typically involved in. Let's dive in and get started!

1. Celebrate The Couples Engagement 

From contributing to the organisation of the engagement party to coordinating celebratory drinks with the maid of honour, it's always a lovely idea to celebrate with the happy couple's upcoming nuptials.

This would also be an excellent opportunity to to discuss your level of involvement in the wedding planning process. 

Whether you're keen on helping plan every detail or prefer a more hands-off approach, establishing expectations early on ensures a smoother and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

2. Establish Finances

Before delving into responsibilities like selecting bridesmaid attire it's crucial to clarify with the bride the financial expectations. 

Approach the discussion with flexibility as while tradition suggests the couple covers the cost of bridesmaids outfits this is dependant on the bride and her partner's wedding budget.

Make sure to take into account potential extras like accessories and makeup expenses before committing to any purchases as it can influence your or their decisions.

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3. Help Plan The Hen Party

When it comes to organising the hen party the responsibility usually falls on the maid of honour but as a bridesmaid, you might be assigned specific tasks to support her.

It's wise to come prepared with creative ideas to contribute to the perfect day or weekend getaway.

Consider taking on a role like creating a list of fun hen party games as this can be a fantastic way to break the ice if not everyone knows each other. 

4. Help With Wedding Planning

Brides might appreciate your involvement in various aspects of wedding planning.

This could include sharing wedding cake ideas, dance floor song suggestions or giving your input on potential wedding suppliers.

If you're creative the couple might even request your assistance in some wedding diy like designing wedding invitations or crafting something unique like a centrepiece for their special day. 

The key is to be extremely helpful and positive without becoming overly involved. Allow the couple to guide the level of participation they desire.

5. Go Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Shopping for bridesmaid dresses is always exciting and of course bridesmaids are expected to join the bride for this.

Keep in mind that finding the perfect outfit for everyone can be challenging so come in with an open mind.

Wearing a bridesmaid dress is unlike any other outfit so consider trying on styles you might not typically choose as you might be surprised.

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6. Go Wedding Dress Shopping

You'll probably be invited to join the search for the brides perfect wedding dress along with other members of the bridal party, such as the mother of the bride and the maid of honour.

Providing honest and positive feedback is important and if you have any concerns it's best to discuss them calmly with the bride. 

7. Attend Wedding Rehearsals

As part of your bridesmaid duties attending events like the rehearsal dinner is expected.

If for any reason you cannot attend communicate this well in advance and consider reaching out to the maid of honour or wedding planner to catch up on what you missed.

8. Pre-Wedding Duties

In the lead up to the wedding you may have some pre-wedding duties like helping set up decorations for the reception or checking in with the make up artist before the morning of the wedding.

The easiest way to ensure you're prepared is to write a checklist and go through this with the couple prior to the celebration. 

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9. Get Ready With The Bride

If you and the bride are not already together on the morning of the wedding you might be asked to make your way to her hotel to provide assistance. 

As part of your responsibilities you should assist any younger bridesmaids and flower girls to ensure they are prepared for the ceremony. 

It's also a great idea to bring along a wedding day emergency kit which could include things like paracetamol and tissues.

To ensure a smooth and coordinated entrance it's recommended for the bridesmaids to arrive at the ceremony venue at least ten minutes before the bride.

10. Walk Down The Aisle 

The way you walk down the aisle at the wedding depends on how the couple wants it.

Traditionally, the bride and her father go first and then the bridesmaids follow.

Ensure you are clear with the plan along with the rest of the bridesmaids ahead of the wedding ceremony. 

11. Duties On The Wedding Day

On the actual wedding day you might be requested to assist with different tasks. 

For example bridesmaids together with the ushers are commonly assigned the role of guiding wedding guests to their seats during the wedding breakfast

You might also be required to help remove decorations from the wedding reception or collect items the couple will need like leftover wedding cake and floral arrangements.

Be sure to check in and help the maid of honour too!

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12. Be There For The Wedding Couple

Throughout the wedding day to ensure you're the best bridesmaid ever you should be there for the couple to support them with anything they may need. 

Usually, the wedding planner and other close members of the wedding party like the groomsmen are on hand to help too. 

13. Give A Wedding Gift

If you can afford to, giving the couple a wedding gift is very nice gesture. 

You can also get the other bridesmaids to chip in so you can get a larger gift for the couple. 

We hope you found our article on "Bridesmaid Responsibilities" informative and enjoyable.

Being chosen as a bridesmaid is very exciting and we hope that you're now familiar with the typical roles and responsibilities that come with it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To: Bridesmaid Duties

Q: What is the responsibility of a bridesmaid?
A: Bridesmaids play a crucial role in supporting the bride throughout the wedding planning process, offering help and assistance as needed. This includes participating in pre-wedding duties, attending bridal showers and bachelorette parties, and walking down the aisle on the big day.

Q: What is the responsibility of a maid of honour?
A: The maid of honour like bridesmaids assists the bride with wedding preparations and is often tasked with additional responsibilities such as helping out the day before the wedding or going wedding dress shopping. 

Q: What are bridesmaids financially responsible for?
A: Bridesmaids typically cover the costs of their bridesmaid dress, shoes, and accessories. They may also contribute to pre-wedding events such as the bachelorette party and bridal shower. 

Q: What is the role of a bridesmaid in the UK?
A: Bridesmaids in the UK have a similar role to bridesmaids in other regions offering support and assistance to the bride throughout the wedding planning process and on the wedding day.

Q: What are the commitments of a bridesmaid?
A: Bridesmaids are committed to helping the bride with various tasks such as planning the bridal party and helping out on the day of the wedding.

Q: Do bridesmaids give the bride a gift on the wedding day?
A: It's common for bridesmaids to give the bride a wedding gift to show their appreciation and support.

Q: Are bridesmaids supposed to pay for their hair and makeup?
A: Bridesmaid may be asked to cover these costs themselves.

Q: Is it ok to ask bridesmaids to pay for their dresses?
A: It's common for bridesmaids to pay for their dresses. Ultimately the bride may decide to cover the costs. 

Q: What should bridesmaids do on the day?
A: On the wedding day bridesmaids play an important role. They should assist the bride with getting ready and help ensure the celebration runs smoothly.

Q: What is the most important bridesmaid?
A: Every bridesmaid plays a vital role in supporting the bride and there isn't necessarily one who is more important than the others. However some brides choose a maid of honour who often has additional bridesmaid responsibilities. 

Q: What do bridesmaids do the night before wedding?
A: The night before the wedding bridesmaids often participate in the rehearsal and may be asked to help with setting up for the wedding or helping the bride with any last-minute preparations.

Q: How many is too many bridesmaids?
A: The number of bridesmaids is a personal choice.

Q: Do bridesmaids pay for their own bouquet?
A: Bridesmaids typically cover the cost of their bouquets unless the bride chooses to provide them.

Q: Who stays with the bride the night before the wedding?
A: The maid of honour or other close friends or family members may stay with the bride the night before the wedding to offer support and assistance.

Q: Who is traditionally a bridesmaid?
A: Bridesmaids are usually close friends or family members chosen by the bride to support her during the wedding.

Q: Should groom's sister be a bridesmaid?
A: Including the groom's sister as a bridesmaid is a personal decision and depends on the bride's relationship with her.

Q: Is it ok to only have one bridesmaid?
A: It's entirely acceptable to have just one bridesmaid if that's what the bride prefers.