Hindu bride and groom holding hands at Gorse Hill in Surrey

Hindu Wedding Venues in Surrey

Magical Hindu Weddings at Gorse Hill

Envision the wedding of your dreams at Gorse Hill, the premier destination for Hindu weddings in Surrey.

Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your special day is nothing short of extraordinary.

With stunning event spaces, picturesque views, and personalised service, our venue offers a magical atmosphere where love and tradition blend harmoniously.

Mandap Hindu ceremony at Gorse Hill in surrey
Wedding breakfast decor at gorse hill in surrey
Hindu wedding ceremony at gorse hill in surrey

Discover Your Ideal Hindu Wedding Venue

Begin your new chapter as a married couple at Gorse Hill where every deal of your Hindu wedding from the sacred ceremonies to the lively festivities is carefully curated.

Discover the possibilities with our range of wedding packages, dry hire option, or exclusive venue hire, tailored to suit your unique vision.

Reach out to our fantastic team at sales@gorsehillsurrey.com for assistance and to have all your questions answered.

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Best Hindu Wedding Venues Near London

We're easy to get to from central London

Discover the ease of hosting your special day at our Hindu wedding venue near London. With easy access to M25 and M3 and with excellent public transport connections to Woking centre, Gorse Hill ensures seamless accessibility for you and your guests.

Bride and groom looking happy together at Gorse Hill one of the best Hindu wedding venues

Why Choose Gorse Hill as Your Hindu Wedding Venue?

  1. Beautiful Spaces: From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Gorse Hill offers stunning indoor and outdoor spaces for your Hindu wedding.
  2. Great Accommodation: Treat your guests to a comfortable stay with our beautiful 4-star accommodation, offering 67 bedrooms.
  3. Traditional Ceremonies: Gorse Hill provides the perfect backdrop for traditional Hindu wedding celebrations, ensuring a meaningful experience.
  4. Expert Team: Our wedding team is happy to discuss Hindu wedding customs and traditions, and is ready to assist with any queries you may have.
  5. Stunning Venue: Boasting picturesque surroundings and elegant facilities, our venue offers the perfect setting for your Hindu wedding.
  6. Prime Location: Situated in Woking near London and with easy access to major road connections and public transport, enjoy hassle-free accessibility.
  7. Personalised Cusine: Work with our team to ensure dietary preferences are catered to, providing a memorable dining experience for all.
  8. Cultural Respect: We honour cultural traditions and embrace the customs and rituals of Hindu weddings, fostering an inclusive atmosphere for all guests..
  9. Unique Service: Committed to providing personalised service as our team understands that every love story is unique.
  10. Flexible Options: From wedding packages to dry hire we offer a range of flexible wedding options.

What Guests Can Anticipate at a Hindu Wedding

Were you aware that traditionally married women whisper well-wishes into the bride's right ear?

Are you attending your first Hindu wedding? Whether the ceremony adheres to contemporary practices or closely follows traditional customs, below are some Hindu wedding rituals you can expect.

Statue of Ganesh

Ganesh Puja

The wedding ceremony typically commences with a prayer to Lord Ganesh seeking his blessings for a smooth and auspicious wedding as he is known as the remover of all obstacles.

Wedding petals on the floor as the baraat, a Hindu wedding ritual, has taken place


Upon arrival at the wedding venue the groom is welcomed by the bride's family. They perform the Aarti (lighting of lamps) and shower the groom with flower petals as a gesture of respect and acceptance.

Bride gives floral garland to her husband which is also known as Jai Mala, a Hindu wedding tradition

Jai Mala

The bride and groom exchange floral garlands symbolising their acceptance of each other as life partners.

Groom sitting barefoot waiting for the Madhuparka Ceremony to be preformed

Madhuparka Ceremony

In certain customs, the bride's parents conduct a ritual where they wash the groom's feet with honey, yogurt, and ghee, and present him with milk and honey to drink.

Kanyadaan Hindu wedding ritutal where the brides father gives away her hand in marriage


The Kanyadaan is conducted by the bride's father, signifying the moment when he hands over his daughter's hand to the groom. This marks her transition from her paternal family to her husband's one.

Bride and groom posing in gardens at Gorse Hill one of the best Hindu wedding venues in Surrey

Hasta Milap

The bride and groom hold hands which symbolises their union and commitment to each other.

Sacred fire also known as Mangal Phere which is a Hindu wedding tradition

Mangal Phere

During the wedding ceremony, the couple completes seven rounds around the sacred fire (known as pheras), reciting Vedic verses and exchanging marital vows.

Grooms shoes removed as the saptapadi Hindu wedding ritual is taking place


Whilst the pheras taking place the bride and groom takes seven symbolic steps together, representing their journey through life and the seven sacred vows they make.

Sacred necklace given to bride in mangalsutra Hindu wedding tradition

Mangalsutra and Sindoor

The groom presents the bride with the Mangalsutra, a sacred necklace symbolising her marital status, and applies sindoor (vermilion) to her hair parting.

Bride and groom posing for a photo at gorse hill one of the best Hindu wedding venues in Surrey


The elders and priests offer their blessings to the newlywed couple wishing them a lifetime of happiness and prosperity in their marriage.

Bride and grooms holding hands at gorse hill in surrey


As the bride leaves her parental home to embark on a new journey with her husband, it marks a moment filled with emotions and heartfelt farewells.

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